• GrimmShadows

    Stupid but funny

    February 5, 2012 by GrimmShadows

    As I was updateing and adding trophy pictures today something popped into my head. I'm sure many of you have atleast heard of The Beastie Boys and/or their song Brass Monkey. Well a parody, or part of one, occured to me.

    Bryce Boltzmann

    That Funky Dunker

    The actual line if you don't know was

    Brass Monkey

    That funky monkey

    Like I said kind of stupid kind of funny.

    Let me know if any part of the game or trophies make you think of a song or parody.

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  • GrimmShadows

    A short review

    February 1, 2012 by GrimmShadows

    After playing a few hours yesterday, the day it came out, I decided to post my views of the game. The intereaction between Bryce and Arcadia, both during cutscenes and gameplay, is hilarious and well written and performed, although maybe not completely original. The gameplay tends to get very fast, but for the most part fun. The biggest problem I've seen is you seem to come apart too easily and that can get annoying when you're down to a head and can't attack and you have to get through a bunch of enemies to get back to your body. The worst part of that is the grandbabies, like little white kirbys, suck you up when you're only a head and you get a little minigame and they blow you out if you win; and then hopefully they're facing you're bo…

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  • GrimmShadows

    Its getting closer

    January 17, 2012 by GrimmShadows

    Only 2 more weeks until Jan 31 when NeverDead will be out.

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  • GrimmShadows

    I'm looking forward to this game because it looks like a classic Sam Rami movie, like Evil Dead, and Bryce seems like a character Bruce Campbell plays alot, especially in the movies he's done with Sam. What reasons are you looking forward to the game?

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