The second boss, he is fought at the end of the Museum, after he is seen conversing with Sangria, where it was revealed Quad Jaw had attacked the wrong block.


Quad Jaw has two forms.

The first is a 3 headed dragon resembling Gleeok from the original Legend of Zelda.

The second is a giant floating head with arms resembling the Cacodemon from the orignal Doom or a reptilian version of the Big Boo from Super Mario Bros.

NeverDead - Quad Jaw Cutscene

NeverDead - Quad Jaw Cutscene


Form 1- Wait for it to extend it's neck and get it stuck then use Butterfly Blade, should only take one attack per head.

Form 2- Throw arm into big red mouth, or towards it as the arm will get sucked in, then shoot the arm thats inside and a big yellow grin appears shoot that with the arm that's attached at the same time as shooting from the inside.

Related Achievement/TrophyEdit

Four-to-one Odds.